Full Detail Process

Our Process:

  • Secure customer’s personals (loose change, sunglasses, pens, notepads, etc.) in Zip Loc bags and set aside.
  • Pre-treat door jambs, wheel wells, trunk jambs, frame rails, and grill with mild degreaser/cleaner.
  • Pressure wash all door jambs, wheel wells, trunk jambs, frame rails, grill, window seals, door seals, emblems, key holes, door handles, gas filler area.
  • Wash car by hand with clean wool mitt (Scratch Free) and Premium Meguiar car wash & Condition Shampoo. Scrub license plates clean with appropriate brushes and cleaners.
  • Hand clean wheels with industrial strength wheel cleaner and assorted brushes and degreasers. Pressure wash wheels and wheel well (Get rid of dirt and mud) with 1500 psi of water.
  • Remove large deposits of road tar, bugs, and tree sap using multiple applications of bug and tar remover.
  • Hand dry vehicle with High quality chamois. Door seals, window seals, trim pieces, trunk jambs, emblems, and external mirrors must be “blasted” dry with 90 psi of compressed air.
  • Remove floor mats from interior. Shampoo spot clean.  Dry.
  • Using compressed air gun (90 psi), “blast” dust from vents, console, dash, under seats, between seats, upholstery seams, in crevices and hard to reach places, between seat cushions, into map pockets, into cockpit switches and controls, steering wheel gaps, trim pieces. . . anywhere fingers cannot clean. Vacuum out resulting dust and dirt.
  • Clean headliner stains
  • Clean upper trim parts (upper seat belt anchors, plastic pillar facades) with appropriate cleaners and degreasers.
  • Clean leather seats and head rests with appropriate brushes and cleaners. Be sure to clean deep in seams, creases, along piping, and in map pockets. Apply leather conditioner when dry.
  • Shampoo and dry cloth seats.
  • Clean all surfaces in trunk area. Remove spot stains as necessary from trunk liner. Lift trunk liner and vacuum/clean spare tire. Push seats forward to vacuum crease where rear seats meet trunk. Wipe clean trunk jambs and decklid.
  • Clean lower trim parts (door sills, lower seat sections, foot wells, door panels, map pockets, ash trays, door handles, door pulls, windows switches with appropriate cleaners and degreasers.
  • Scrub clutch, brake, and gas pedals clean with appropriate cleaners and degreasers.
  • Shampoo and dry soiled carpeted surfaces. Clean exterior and interior glass using glass-specific microfiber towels and Stoner’s Invisible Glass glass cleaner. Repeat 2-3 times to remove all hazing and streaks. Remove glue, tree sap, and stickers when necessary using lubricated razor and adhesive remover.
  • Claybar the exterior paint if necessary to remove impurities and prepare the paint for polishing.
  • Polish all painted surfaces with polisher, mild compounding/polishing foam pad and waxed with chemical guys Butter Wax. Minor surface scratches are removed, paint achieves a reflection superior to new condition, and the wax provides protection from dust, water spotting, and UV fade if vehicle is washed by hand every 10-14 days.
  • Dress tires and Mud flaps with non greasy high-silicone rubber/plastic dressing.
  • Return customer’s personal items to car.
  • Double check that all of these processes are done before returning the key to customer.

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