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ABLE SAM Can Do That For you!

We understand that sometime it is hard to find time to clean your precious possession or you may be thinking of selling your car. Having a Full Detail will increase it’s value. At Able Sam Cleaning, we will do that task for you at the comfort of your home. You can relax and spent time with your family while your car is being cleaned.

Professional Car Cleaning & Detailing at Excellent Value!

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Able Sam Cleaning has 4 Car Cleaning Packages for your needs

1. Able Sam Quality Detail Pack


Small Sedan – $50,

Medium Sedan – $60

Family Sedan, Station wagon, Compact SUV – $ 70

MPV, Large SUV- $ 80

High Pressure Spray

Wash N Condition Shampoo

Chamois Dry

Wheels Cleaned

Tyres/Bumpers and Mudflaps Dressed

Door Jam Cleaned

Window Cleaned

Console and Dashboard Wiped

Door Panels Wiped

Interior Vacuum

Car Mats Vacuum

Car Seats Vacuum

Boot Vacuum

Ashtray Cleared

2. Able Sam Quality Polish and Detail Pack

This is a great package for the added Paint Protection for your car against the elements, bird dropping, bugs etc. The wax will last for many weeks.

Small Sedan – $90

Medium Sedan – $110

Family Sedan, Station wagon, Compact SUV – $130

MPV, Large SUV – $150

All the featured of Basic Wash plus the following

Removing of Light Scratches and Minimize Swirl Marks in Exterior Paint

Claybar the surfaces if necessary

Exterior Paint Polish to give a Brillant Mirror Shine

Chrome Polished

Apply A Quality Wax for Maximum Paint Protection

3. Able Sam Quality Full Detail Pack

This is a must for anyone who wants to sell their car as it will increase the value of the car as the first Impression counts or for those who just wants to get their car back to showroom condition to have the feel of driving a “new” car again. It is a highly comprehensive cleaning of both exterior and interior of your car.

Small Sedan – $160 – $170

Medium Sedan – $170 -$180

Family Sedan, Station Wagon, Compact SUV – $180 -200

Large SUV, MPV – $220-240


All the featured of Polished and Detail Plus with the following

Dashboard and Console Rejuvenated

Car Mats Washed and Cleaned

Leathered Seats Rejuvenated

Fabric Seats Sport Cleaned

Interior Door Panels Detailed

Roof Lining Spot Cleaned

Door Jam Detailed

Mirror Polished

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4. Able Sam Quality Full Interior Pack

Great package for those who just wants the inside to look brand new. Using compressed air to purge out the dust from air vents and those hard to reach areas follow by cleaning of the interior with professional solutions. Finally a layer of high quality protectant is added which is non greasy. You will enjoy the brand new smell as well!

Small Sedan – $85

Medium Sedan – $95

Family Sedan, Station Wagon, Compact SUV – $110

SUV, Large MPV – $130


Dashboard And Console Rejuvenate

Carpets and Seats Vacuum and Shampooed

Roof Lining Spot Cleaned

Car Mats Washed and Cleaned

Door Jambs Cleaned

Mirror Polished

Door Panels Detailed

Ash Trays Cleaned

Boot Vacuumed

Window Cleaned

Removal of Stickers and Decals

We can also remove vinyl stickers, car decals on car panels or window safely at a reasonable cost.

Below is an example of a job done

Before Detailing

After Detailing,


Before Detailing,

After Detailing,

” The detailing you did on my car was second to none and I would recommend your business and performance as excellent.
You arrived on time as agreed and cleaned and polished my very messy and dirty car inside and out, it looks feels and smells like a new car once again, my business colleagues have asked me if I have bought another car as the difference is that big after your service.
I would thoroughly recommend you and your business to anyone wanting excellent service and professional results at a very reasonable price.
I am very impressed with Able Sam Cleaning and will be using your business again for sure.”

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